The Ford Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition is a potent plug-in pony

Ford's electric sport utility vehicle available with an upgrade

The Mustang Mach-E GT won't be in showrooms until late next summer, but Ford is already cracking the whip.

Ford has announced the availability of a Performance Edition version of the electric SUV that will be the most potent plug-in pony in the stable.


The package features the same 480 hp rating as the standard all-wheel-drive GT, but increases torque from 600 lb-ft to 634 lb-ft and reduces the 0-60 mph acceleration time from 3.8 sec. to 3.5. sec. That puts it dead even with the Tesla Model Y Performance model, which is its closest competitor.

Some of that newfound quickness can be credited to the included gripper summer tires, while upgraded brakes and a standard computer-controlled suspension further improve the compact utility vehicle's overall performance.

The one trade-off for the speed is a reduction in the Mach-E GT's range from 250 miles to 235 miles per charge. Other, less-powerful versions of the Mach-E that will be on sale in the coming weeks have ranges up to 300 miles. The Model Y Performance has been rated by the EPA at 303 miles per charge.

Pricing for the Mach-E GT Performance Edition has not been announced, but the GT starts at $60,500, not including the available $7,500 federal tax credit. The Model Y Performance starts at $59,990, but does not qualify for the incentive.